1. karkles-the-adorabloodthirsty said: It's possible someone affected by her belladonna ointments could pull her into a legal battle over false advertising and MAYBE criminal negligence but at least in Arizona you really can't do a civil suit like false adverts unless you can prove it affects you or the dependent on whose behalf you file the suit. It's the same reason I can't sue a school that requires the Pledge of Allegiance; I have no personal stake in the case as I'm not an atheist and don't have a dependent atheist. Yay US law!

    Yeah I suspected that it’s something like that, though I’ve been told that Sarah Lawless actually lives in Canada, so the legal situation might be a bit different. 

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    Anonymous said: Why does the vagina tighten when you're nervous? Is it natures way of fucking everything up n making everything harder?

    Ok, so you know that when you’re nervous you feel a bit queasy and restless? That’s part of the parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous response. when you’re nervous the sympathetic part of the autonomous nervous system is dominant, which is what gets you the fight-or-flight responses. Note how when you’re nervous you might not be hungry or want to eat, and you get restless and jittery? That’s your body’s way of getting ready to bolt should danger come.

    The fact that nowadays the source of the nervousness might not be a physical danger doesn’t matter to your sympathetic nervous system in the slightest. 

    So how’s that related to the vagina thing? Well your body thinks you’re being in danger, which is a baaaad time to get naughty, which is why your body puts your sex organs into ‘nope’ state. For females, this means a tightened up vagina, for males, this means detumescence (aka flaccid. super flaccid) of the penis. 

  3. Anonymous said: I was wondering what your opinion on Baby Dynamic Yoga was. I've seen a video floating around about it, and I think it's absolutely terrifying! (I can also submit a link to the video if needed. I tried to include a link to it on here, but for the life of me I don't know how to edit URLS to fit into asks!)

    a link would be appreciated and what you need to do it delete the http and then simply include a space after each . That should do the trick to let you include links in asks. 

  4. Quote:

    Are they dangerous? The only danger of external use comes from allergies and pre-existing medical conditions. If you are allergic to morphine do not apply ointments containing belladonna. Do not use them if you have a heart condition, serious kidney issues, or are on prescription medications such as antidepressants. Overall, they are about as dangerous as alcohol so use the same precautions.

    Is Sarah Anne Lawless downplaying the dangers?

    She hasn’t mentioned anything that eating these plants is more dangerous then using it as a balm.

    In the comments, she mentions rubbing the ointments over the heart. The best places are the pulse points where your veins are closest to the surface like the wrists, neck, and armpits, but over the heart is also good as the warmth will help the ointment absorb faster.

    Isn’t that hella fucking dangerous?

    YES IT IS. I talked about her recklessness at length here. belladonna is not ‘as dangerous as alcohol’. The lethal dose  for a human child is 2 -5 berries of Atropa belladonna (here). That’s not much. This plant is nothing to fuck around with.  

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    Anonymous said: If Sarah Anne Lawless is providing false information about her dangerous flying ointments, is there any way to report her/is she breaking any laws? I'm scared that some nitwit noob witch will use her ointments and get hurt because she's giving out false info.

    Yes she IS providing false information. I talked about her bullshittery at length here. Sadly I’m not familiar enough with the US law system to know if she’s reportable for anything, and even if she is, if someone not directly affected by her products might be able to report her.

    It’s one of the reasons I posted about her. I’m not sure if it’s possible to stop her from selling this, but I am hoping that yelling at prospective clients about the danger they put themselves in might dissuade some people.  

  6. Anonymous said: i saw you used the phrase "sweet plaguemum". do you play flight rising?


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    sidneyia said: One tiny nitpick on the gender/sex post: "transsexualism" is preferred over "transsexuality", just because "transsexuality" sounds like a sexual orientation. Otherwise it's a really good post!

    ohh, I’ll fix that right away, thank you! 

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    Having been told the vast majority of otherkin are physical rather than spiritual and told to go educate my ignorant ass, I have come up completely empty handed; nothing I could find on google and nothing I could find on kin-related websites. 

    So guys, what are physical kin, and why have I never heard of them if they make up most of the community? 

    (I also have the tendency to speak bluntly, so If I come off as offensive or abrasive, I’m really sorry!!! I just want to know what physical otherkin are, because I’m apparently so out of the loop I didn’t even know what they were.)

    Physical kin are people who believe they have non-human DNA around somewhere, or are in some other way physically non-human. The vast majority of otherkin doesn’t believe that (at least as far as I’ve seen it) though as per usual, the fringe groups can be very very loud. There used to be some people around tumblr who advocated that, but they’ve since been run off due to having all sorts of other awful ideas as well.

    I think people who believe they can actually shapeshift are related to the issue, but I’m not sure. I’d suggest asking jarandhel who’s been otherkin since forever and can answer questions much more detailed. 

  9. Anonymous said: Apart from the 'body map' concept, there is another neurological explanation for being being trans. Basically, a bunch of psychological studies support the idea that humans, from infancy, have an innate instinct to identify their gender, identify others of the same gender, and emulate the preferences and behaviours of that gender during development. This would suggest that trans people have a different version of this instinct. It could be totally reversed, somewhere in between, or absent. (1/2)

    (2/2) In other words, having a binary transgender identity might mean that whatever part of the brain creates than instinct was reversed in you. Alternatively, it might have been less distinct, so that you identified alternately with different genders. It could also be absent entirely, so you don’t have the instinct to identify with any gender at all. Like the body map, there’s an innate drive to seek out ‘your’ gender and follow it, but there might be ‘intersex’ versions of it.

    That’s an interesting theory, if you could forward/point me towards some studies that would be really cool! I tend to be a bit out of the loop with psychology simply because it’s not the main point of my studies.

    But yeah we’re by now pretty clear that it’s got to be something neurological. Even if the jury is still out on the exact details. 

  10. thesuperfeyneednoshoes said: Whoops, one more thing to add! Gender IS a social construct, but gender *identity* is NOT. Gender has two meanings: the gender roles ascribed to different sexes, and the much more deep-seated, probably neurological gender identity which we talk about w/r/t transgender issues. Usually, when people talk about gender both inside and outside of academia, they mean gender roles, not gender identity. But it's not always possible to fully separate gender ID from gender roles.

    jfc I’m chatty tonight. This is what I get for writing asks before I’ve fully re-read the original post :P sorry. (Again.) This is a bit of a linguistic thing, and what I meant to convey was that “gender” is a broad term, so you need to specify whether you’re talking about “gender roles” or “gender identity”. The word “gender” alone could mean either, so the sentence “gender is not a social construct” wrongly assumes that “gender ID” is the true meaning of “gender” as it’s used in English.

    Jesus fuck, someone ought to rework English or beat the public into consistent use of the terms separately. Then again, the public likes to conflate sex and gender already and sweet Plaguemum that’s already hard enough to explain to people who’ve never heard of it before. *throws hands up in the air* That’s what you get for not being a native speaker. 

    I tend to usually specify gender roles when I mean gender roles so I hope the distinction has come across in my posts so far?